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We've developed a complete education program to professionalize the cleaning industry. Our educational courses and programs have been used by many large scale cleaning operations as the standard professional .

" You will receive training in the newest techniques and information on the latest products. Increased knowledge breeds confidence in themselves and their services, which translates into increased sales and processing efficiency "



Office Cleaning Training Program

Floor Care Technician Program

Instructed by: JAN EDGE TEAM

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Increase productivity and save money with proper training

Systematic approach to the fundamental skills of cleaning

Jan Edge teaches you a systematic approach to the fundamental skills of cleaning such as emptying wastebaskets, dusting, Vacuuming and spot-cleaning - some of the most visible cleaning jobs in any facility. Your clientele may judge the quality of your entire organization based upon the work .

New approach to restroom cleaning that explains why it is so important to your business

How to be a Restroom will gives you a new approach to restroom cleaning that explains why it is so important to your business.

The Restroom  job requires skill and attention to detail as well as proper training, tools and techniques. This unique, informative program will teach you all the fundamentals.

 Jan Edge LIVE ON hands-on site training and product application training for the complete learning experience.

Office Cleaning Training Program

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2 day course with  Manual & Videos


Specialist Workshop

Stone Maintenance Technician


(780) 479-6130

TRAINING ON-SITE FOR Terrazzo, Marble, Travertine, epoxy and polished Concrete Floors.

Your income depends on your skills and knowledge

Don't settle for anything less than the best training available.

 At The Janitors Edge ON-SITE Courses are carefully designed for giving you a comprehensive, solid foundation to getting you to the next level and are taught by extraordinary instructors 

The Jan Edge LIVE ON hands-on site training for the complete learning experience.

Stone Floor Care Training Program

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Floor Care Specialist Workshop

Everything We Ever Learned About Floor Care Is Wrong!

Instructed by: JAN EDGE TEAM

(780) 479-6130

Increase productivity and save money with proper training

Stripping and Finishing Floors

JAN EDGE TEAM Team demonstrates equipment, supplies, and procedures used to professionally strip, scrub and refinish floors. It covers the complete operation and maintenance of floor machines, including pads, brushes, and reviews bulk liquid and pre-measured stripping chemicals. A ten step stripping and refinishing procedure is presented and explained.

 Daily Floor Maintenance

The Jan Edge Team reviews the daily maintenance procedures for resilient floors. It illustrates the proper procedures for damp mopping, spot mopping, dust mopping, and wet mopping. Equipment presented includes large industrial vacuums, tank type and upright vacuums, motor less sweepers, and other floor maintenance equipment.

 High Speed Floor Maintenance

The Jan Edge reviews the theory and practice of high-speed burnishing of resilient floors. It also covers spray buffing to remove spots, stains, scuffs, and black marks. Equipment and chemicals are explained, including floor pads, drive blocks, lambs wool applicators, and various high-speed floor machines.

The Jan Edge LIVE ON hands-on site training and product application training for the complete learning experience.


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2 day course with  Manual & Videos


We provide a comprehensive range of technical expertise to associations, in-house and outsourced cleaning organizations. Explore how we can help you reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and achieve long-term improvements in your cleaning services

Engineered Process Management, Custodial Best Practices, and Competition One Site

In-house cleaning operations thrive when they institute an engineered process management program based on the adoption of best-practices and competition with the best of the best organizations

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Janitorial Sales & Marketing and How to Sell and Price Contract Cleaning

Janitorial Telemarketing Program

Instructed by: THE JAN EDGE TEAM

(780) 479-6130

Increase productivity and save money with proper training

Sales Success .....

The Art Of Making a Presentation: & Close sale's

Why does a small cleaning business need sales and marketing knowledge

Well you need customers to make a cleaning business but its what you do not only to get those customers’ but its afterwards that matters. You can lose those customers rapidly. Marketing isn't one of those things which has to take second place to anything else – it is your business right from the start. It keeps your customers happy and your business on the road

We know what problems face small cleaning companies

Learn the process of selling contract cleaning.L

            Lack of experience in the work require No

 ideaAchieve the highest possible standards which will delight his customer

No idea how to get those better contracts or indeed any contractss

Contracts not being renewed or lost

No idea how to approach a potential customer

SLet us show you how you too can use our methods for your success

Do you know the four calls to a close? Let The Jan Edge show you how to make these four calls and most importantly what to say.

 The survey call, specification call, proposal presentation and the follow-up call. The four calls you need to make to sell today!

Finding the Client

Increase your sales success when you learn how to find qualified potential clients. This informative will covers list building, direct mail, and telemarketing techniques.

How to Do a Successful Walk-Through

Learn the best way you or your sales team can act when they go on a walk-through with a prospective customer to gather information for your proposal.

How to prepare for the walk through - How to interact with the prospect, Questions to ask Information you'll need before you leave the building ---------How to measure a building ----------How to measure circular areas

This  is designed to help you learn how to present yourself at the walkthrough, how to interact with the prospect, and how to measure the space. When you do it right, you are on your way to making the sale!  and all the tools to measure a building..

FOUR dvd set on marking your janitorial service

Getting the Account

You have a valuable list of qualified potential clients. Learn how to get their accounts with these tested sales methods: the first meeting, the written proposal, and closing techniques.

Writing a Proposal

A proposal model covering factors to consider in the cost and appearance of your proposal, how to make a successful presentation and more, content and packaging, the use of graphics, customization of boilerplate, and the factors that determine the selection of your proposal over others

Bidding and Estimating

Learn the essentials of competitive projects, production rates and work loading, job costing (from work loading to estimating expenses), bid generation and much more

Sales Presentations That Win

This session is presented as a case study in which you will learn how to evaluate the client’s perception of what they need and want to hear, determine what they really need and want to hear, develop sensitivity to the size of the client being sold, and how to identify problem areas in your sales process.

The Jan Edge Software Include

Pro Plus Bidding System is packed full of sound business advice to help you put together a winning proposal and a competitive bid for cleaning PLEASE CLICK HEREservices. This Cd includes bid estimate sheets, time and production standards, supply usage charts, blank forms, job specifications, legal contracts, and markup tables for labor, products and supplies. This nuts and bolts guide is ideal for building owners, property managers and contract cleaners dealing with all types and sizes of properties.

The Jan Edge LIVE ON hands-on site training for the complete learning experience.

Sales & Marketing Program

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Janitorial Telemarketing Program Include in this course


Instructed by: THE JAN EDGE TEAM

(780) 479-6130

Increase productivity and save money with proper training

 Getting to the Heart of Telephone Sales

The Janitors Edge Team will Transform you or your telemarketers with training techniques unlike any they’ve ever experienced

The Janitors Edge is a complete step-by-step training workshop for professional sales representatives or telemarkers for the janitorial service business who use the phone as their main method of communication, using a consultative (question-based) sales approach.

Participants are led through the logical sequence of the sales call, learning step-by-step, what-to-say and how-to-say it ideas, strategies, and techniques which help them become more confident, effective, and productive on their very next call.

As a result of this two-day learning and self-discovery process, reps hit the ground running upon arriving back at the office. Attendees tell us they have a new sense of confidence as they prospect for new business, follow-up with existing contacts and customers delivering real value, and handle inquiries and turn them into sales.

Bottom line, this is the program that demystifies professional janitorial telesales, and provides real how-to information that participants use and show results from right away!

 Jan Edge LIVE ON hands-on site training for the complete learning experience.


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Carpet Care & Preventative Maintenance Programs

Instructed by: THE JAN EDGE TEAM

(780) 479-6130

Increase productivity and save money with proper training

This  is designed for building service contractors, in-house maintenance personnel, and professional cleaning contractors who specialize in commercial carpet cleaning and janitorial services.

 You will learn how to develop and implement a complete planned carpet maintenance program. The course content includes: "Different types of commercial carpet cleaning"

  •  What is planned carpet maintenance?

  • Scoping the commercial cleaning job

Components of comprehensive carpet maintenance and Demonstration of carpet cleaning methods.

  • High performance hot water extraction

  •  Chemistry of cleaning

  • Spot/stain treatment and removal

  • Problems related to improper cleaning

  • Designing a planned maintenance program

  • Mapping out the planned program.

The Jan Edge LIVE ON hands-on site training and product application training for the complete learning experience.


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Window Cleaning Work Shop

Blood Borne Pathogen Training

Course Information

Instructed by: THE JAN EDGE TEAM

(780) 479-6130

Window Cleaning Skills is designed for the aabsolute beginner and assumes no previous window cleaning knowledge at all. The aim of the course is to equip candidates, usually new corners to the trade, with the essential skills to become a professional window cleaner

Practical window cleaning tasks are covered, as well as basic business skills and techniques to start and grow a window cleaning business. A summary of the regulations that apply to window cleaners and how to comply with them is also included.

  • Introduction

  • Equip Selection & Maintenance

  • Using Scrapers

  • Mastering the Squeegee

  • Stain Removal

  • Cutting the Edge

  • Closing

  • Using Large Squeegees

The Janitors Edge hands-on site training and product application training for the complete learning experience.

Window Cleaning Training Program

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Work Practice and Engineering Controls Needle  Removel training From your Business Site

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Bloodborne pathogens, such as bacteria and viruses, are present in blood and body fluids and can cause disease in humans. The blood borne pathogens of primary concern are hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV. These and other blood borne pathogens are spread primarily through:

A person inhales droplets from an infected person, such as through a cough or sneeze.

Vector-borne transmission.

A person’s skin is penetrated by an infectious source, such as an
insect bite.

Follow standard precautions to help prevent the spread of bloodborne pathogens and other diseases whenever there is a risk of exposure to blood or other body fluids. These precautions require that all blood and other body fluids be treated as if they are infectious. Standard precautions include maintaining personal hygiene and using personal protective equipment s.

Introduction to Bloodborne Pathogens

What is the proper way to clean up body fluids such as blood?

What is one important principle to remember to properly remove gloves

Jan Edge hands-on site training and product application training for the complete learning experience.

Bloodborne Pathogen Training Program

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Team Cleaning Training Program

Custodial Supervisor Certification Course

Course Information

Instructed by: THE JAN EDGE TEAM

(780) 479-6130

We have spoken to, taught and worked with over 3,500 organizations over the past 10 years about the application of ,

The Team Cleaning system into their operations, we, as many others, have come to the conclusion that this is currently the best cleaning system to absorb the most stringent demands for high performing cleaning requirements that face our industry today.

Put your mouse on the picture and right click on the mouse to play or rewind

Team Cleaning is really work simplification and redistribution. The introduction of the back pack vacuum suction technology gave us less operator body stress, lowered the fatigue factor, greater particle capture through improved filtration, easier access to hard to reach areas and improved production capacity.

Where in the past most general cleaning personnel had to vacuum as part of their duties, we now have made that a Specialist resulting in what we call a team; one starts the cleaning process by removing dust, collecting trash, etc. followed by another who vacuums and performs quality checks on the first Specialist.

This comprises the key team in Team Cleaning. The Light Duty Specialist (starter) is followed by the Vac Specialist (closer) over approximately the same assigned square footage. Here is where the system shines.

Depending upon the type of facility there is a queuing gap that needs to be determined. For example, in an office building the Closer will produce about 30% more SF/HR than the Starter, therefore the queue gap is one to two hours depending on part time or full time shifts. In the school classroom environment it is reversed, the Starter will produce 30-40% more SF/HR. In the Building example the gap may be as little as 10 minutes and will grow. These estimates are based on assigned duties and frequencies.

The Jan Edge On Site Custom Seminars are not a luxury — they are a necessity.

Jan Edge hands-on site training and product application training T

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Course Information

Instructed by: THE JAN EDGE TEAM

(780) 479-6130

Cleaning  in Preventing Cross Contamination Training

Cross contamination occurs when bacteria is spread between people, food, surfaces and equipment. A common concern in the food and health care industries, cross contamination also poses a health threat in any environment including schools, shopping malls, offices and other buildings. This becomes a serious problem when you take into account that Canadians'  spend about 90% of their time inside, yet contaminants found indoors can be five times worse than outdoors.

In addition to negatively impacting the health of building occupants and visitors, cross-contamination and other poor indoor environmental issues cost businesses and building owners billions of dollars every year.

  Consider these facts

There is no doubt that responsible cleaning practices help avoid cross contamination, thereby minimizing the incidence of illness and disease. Effective cleaning reduces bacteria on equipment and surfaces that people come into contact with every day, such as keyboards, phones and restroom touch-points. While it might sound like a straight-forward solution, health-conscious cleaning actually requires detailed processes, thorough training, and strict quality control.

Implement training and communication programs

Jan Edge hands-on site training and product application training for the complete learning experience.

Cross Contamination Training Program

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Course Information

Instructed by: THE JAN EDGE TEAM

(780) 479-6130

Are you tired of promoting employees into janitorial supervisor positions 

it be great to have a comprehensive training program that you can use to groom your best employees for supervisory positions

LiVE ON hands-on site training for the complete learning experien & Classroom Training

The Custodial profession today not only commands respect, but also requires a high degree of knowledge and skill.  There are several reasons for the new “image”, but probably the most important is the fact that the Custodian has become vastly more important to the efficiency of an organization and a healthy environment.  Modern buildings made of modern materials require modern equipment, chemicals and techniques in order to keep them sanitary, safe and in proper operating condition.  The vast variety of floor surfaces alone, requires extensive knowledge if we are to adequately protect a company’s investment.

One of the important by-products in the evolution of the Custodial profession is CMI’s Custodial Supervisor Training and Certification Course. It is truly a milestone in our profession.  The course is divided into three sections, each of which covers a particular area of supervising and managing custodial maintenance work. 

Each section also has a certification exam and the final exam at the conclusion of the course covers all information that has been presented. The exams include multiple choice, true and false, and essay-type questions.

Ideal For Continuing Training Programs

In-house facility cleaning operations and contract cleaning operations will find the Custodial Maintenance Supervision course ideal to use in a training program. In addition to working directly with individuals,

Your Employer May Want To Help Pay For Your Tuition

Many employers across the nation offer some form of tuition reimbursement to employees. Most employers are delighted to learn that an employee wants to pursue a home study course in a job related subject.

The prime objective of the Custodial Supervisor Training and Certification course is to help those responsible for Cleaning Maintenance improve efficiency, increase economy and upgrade work performance of the entire Maintenance Department.

Course Format

The Custodial Supervisor Training and Certification course is divided into three sections.  Each of the sections has its own open book examination covering only that section, but the final examination at the conclusion of the course encompasses all of the information presented in all three sections.

Section I: What Is A Supervisor?

  • Qualifications of a Supervisor
  • How to Develop Your Supervisory Potential
  • Objections of Supervision
  • Functions of Management
  • How to Qualify for a Supervisory Position
  • The Supervisor on the Job
  • Would You Hire Yourself as a Supervisor?
    Section I Examination

Section II: Basic Tools & Techniques

  • Equipment and Supplies
  • Stock Rooms and Storage Facilities
  • Floors and Floor Maintenance
  • Cleaning Chemicals
  • Washroom Sanitation
  • Windows, Walls, Ceilings and Lighting Fixtures
  • Building Exterior and Grounds
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Recycling
  • Blood borne Pathogens and Right to Know
    Section II Examination

Section III: Application of Supervisory Principles

  • Staffing the Maintenance Department
  • Personnel Relations
  • Training
  • Time Study
  • Preparing a Cleaning Schedule
  • Purchasing
  • Records, Record Keeping and Suggested Forms
  • Safety and Security
  • Onward and Upward
    Section III and Final Examinations

Passing Requirements
Students must receive an 80% or better on each examination as well as the final exam in order for certification to be awarded.  Section exams are returned to you so that you can review them to prepare for the final.  The final exam is not returned, but is kept in your file at the Institute.  Upon successful completion f the program, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement from Janedge Group

Jan Edge LIVE ON hands-on site training and product application training for the complete learning experience.

 Supervisory Training Program

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A clean facility is a healthy facility.


No one understands this more than a cleaning professional. Custodians are not only cleaning professionals, they are health care professionals.


Usually, cleaning workers today receive very little formal training. This can be detrimental not only to the cleanliness of a building, but to the health of a building and its occupants.


When cleaning workers are trained to follow the cleaning process, they learn to clean for health first, then appearance.


 Jan Edge provides a system to make the facility a clean, healthy environment.



Jan Edge offers a slate of classes, each tightly focused on the  cleaning process.


This five-day leadership course is designed for cleaning industry executives seeking to broaden their skills, focus their attention and improve their organizations.


Students at  Jan Edge are immersed in cleaning science, work loading, waste reduction, functional management, tracking and safety programs that are currently in use at many of the leading facilities in Canada & USA


Links, affiliations


Building Service Contractors Association International

(BSCAI) www.bscai.org


Cleaning Management Institute 














The Training Programs developed by The Janitors Edge Inc, is not only unique to the industry, it is extremely valuable and workable.


It will help you get started on the right foot in the cleaning business. With no experience in cleaning services or owning my own business,


I began earning a top income in just 90 days. By following all the instructions in the Sales & Marketing Course and  I was able to build a successful business.


Jan Edge Inc training program is very thorough in showing you where to go, who to see and how to bid, sell and clean just about every type of customer. The program has direct mail pieces, a very impressive bid packet, a telemarketing program with scripts, all the forms you need, plus step by step instructions.


You also receive on-going support. When you are making a bid or have a cleaning problem, just call The Jan Edge


They will have the right answers for you.  You call your own shots and don't have to answer to any corporate franchise bosses. For just a few hundred dollars you can get started in the business.

When you work with The Janitors Edge Team, you are being assisted by one of the most knowledgeable cleaning experts in the Canada.

Some of his time saving cleaning procedures are unique and allow you to reduce your labor and increase your profits. Best of all, you will find The Janitors Edge Team helpfulness and integrity unmatched.”

Thank you for the insight in introducing "The Jan Edge Program"

 A service such as this was long overdue in Our industry.

Both Sharon and I were pleased to be invited to your first intake and were pleased with the interest expressed by your students.

We have employed two from your course and both are working out extremely well. We look forward to working with you in the future, you make our job so much easier. Kind regards "

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